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The Witch's Bastard

Servant of the One Who Waits




Unnamed (mother)


Blood Song
Tower Lord

The Witch's Bastard is one of the three servants of the One Who Waits.


Many centuries ago, in a village in the Renfaelin forest, there lived a young woman gifted with the Dark ability to call the wind. The village Factor fell in love with the young woman. Deluded by love for her, he killed his wife, wanting to take the young woman in her place. But, the young woman refused, outraged at the impropriety of a man pressing his suit so soon after his wife’s passing. The man later committed suicide, leaving a note detailing his ill deed, and naming the young woman a witch and the cause of his madness. However, the villagers wouldn’t believe it.

The young woman moved to live in a cottage outside the village alone. One day, the village Blacksmith raped her and got her pregnant. The next winter, the crops failed and the village began to starve. When his mother died, the Blacksmith blamed the young woman for the blight, and again called her a witch. This time the villagers believed it, and in self-righteous anger burnt down the young womans cottage and drove her into the forest, clutching her baby boy.

The young woman and her son lived in the forest like animals. The boy was also gifted with the Dark ability to control the weather. Eventually, the hunger and the cold took the young woman, but the boy lived on, more a beast than a boy, forgetting language and custom, forgetting everything but vengence for his mother.

Years later, he started to take his revenge on the village. First, he stole into the village, and killed the animals. Then, he came for the children. Enraged, the villagers scoured the forest for the feral boy, but could not find him. And then, in the dead of winter, the boy walked into the village. He called forth the lightning and the village burned. The people fled to the river but he swelled it with rain until the banks burst and carried them away. Then, he brought down a blast of wind from the far north to encase them in ice. He searched and found his father the Blacksmith, frozen in terror, whom he then urinated on.

When the boy died, such was his malevolence, that the One Who Waits made a bargain with him.