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Blood Song
Tower Lord

Weaver is a man gifted with the Dark ability to heal.

Appearance and Personality[]

Weaver is a heavily built young man, with a handsome face and blue eyes. He has the ability to lay his hands on a person and heal them. He seems to suffer from some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, he speaks little, and when he isn't healing, he is compelled to constantly weave baskets.


Blood Song[]

Weaver flees the Unified Realm from the persecution of anyone with Dark gifts by the Fourth Order of the Faith. He finds refuge in the Fallen City in the Lonak dominion with many other gifted people.

When Vaelin Al Sorna pursues Nortah to the Fallen City, he is attacked by Snowdance, a war cat from the Pack Ice. Weaver spends half the night healing him of his cracked ribs, and other older wounds.

Tower Lord[]

Eventually the Lonak will no longer tolerate the community in their dominion, so Weaver and the community make the arduous trek to the Northern Reaches. There, they are allowed to settle by Tower Lord Vanos Al Myrna in Nehrin’s Point. Over the years, Weaver and Harlick seem to have isolated themselve from the community.

When new Tower Lord Vaelin Al Sorna mustors the men of fighting age in the Northern Reaches to go south to war against the Volarians, Weaver insists on joining them. On the journey, Weaver obsessively weaves a long rope. After breaking the siege of Alltor, Queen Lyrna takes a walk to view her army and is attacked by two assassins. As the last man seems certain to kill Lyrna, Weaver loops his rope over the man's head and hangs him from a tree. He then grabs Queen Lyrna, drawing her close, and heals her burnt face.

Queen of Fire