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Seliesen Maxtor Aluran

The Hope


Heir to the Alpiran Empire


Alpiran Empire


Lady Emeren (wife)
Unnamed (son)


Blood Song

The Hope, whose real name is Seliesen Maxtor Aluran, is the chosen heir to the Alpiran Empire.

Appearance and Personality[]

The Hope was considered a great warrior, and one of the best man in the empire. He was sure to become the greatest Emperor ever seen. Although married, it is hinted that he may have had a homosexual relationship with Verniers.


Blood Song[]

When the invasion fleet of the Unified Realm arrives off the Alpiran coast aided by Meldenean ships, The Hope is engaged in a ceremonial visit to the Temple of the Goddess Muisil in Untesh. Only ten miles from the landing site. The Hope immediately mobilises the local garrison, some three thousand horse and five thousand spears, and sets out to confront the invaders.

However, Vaelin Al Sorna's regiment were the first to land and had already formed ranks to defend the beach. The Alpirans lose the early engagements, when Vaelin uses caltrops against their cavalry charge, and subsequent arrow-storm. Soon the battle is joined, and the Alpirans superior numbers start to turn the tide against them. When the Hope sees the enemy leader fall from his horse, his rage drives him to charge him. However, Vaelin deftly rolls under his blade, kills his horse, and runs him through. Vaelin earns the unwanted title of Hope-Killer for the rest of his life.