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Tendris Al Forne

Brother of the 4th Order
Aspect of the 4th Order

Member of

Fourth Order of the Faith


Unified Realm


Blood Song
Tower Lord

Tendris Al Forne is a brother of the Fourth Order of the Faith, and servant of the Council for Heretical Transgressions. He has blind devotion that deniers of the Faith must be hunted and hung from the walls in a cage. This includes followers of other religions, and people touched by the Dark.

Appearance and Personality[]

Tendris is a sharp faced with a strident, cultured voice. He is an excellent horseman and skilled at extracting information from deniers. He's a fanatical believer in the Faith, and trusts the Faithful; for him all the Faithful have the same belief, his belief. His anger can be fearsome. King Janus considers his a deluded fanatic.


One story goes that Tendris once found a whole sect of deniers in a barn in the Martishe; families with children. Tendris ordered his men to lock the doors and sets fire to the barn, killing them all.

Blood Song[]

Tendris is tracking a dangerous young denier called Sella, who has recently escaped from the Blackhold prison in Varinshold four weeks ago. She is being helped by Erlin Ilnis, who is well known to the Fourth Order as a man who helps deniers. With Tendris are tracker Makril of the Sixth Order, and three Volarian slave-hounds.

In the Urlish Forest, they are tracking the denier after a terrible snow storm. The hounds pick up the scent, but it leads them to Vaelin Al Sorna, a novice brother of the Sixth Order on his Test of the Wild. After a tense exchange, it is revealed Vaelin met Sella and Erlin, and gave them shelter for the night. The hounds picked up the scent of a scarf Sella gave him as thanks. Tendris believes Vaelin although Makril remains suspicious.

After the attempted Aspect massacre, Tendris Al Forne is elected unopposed as the new Aspect of the Fourth Order. At the Conclave of the Faithful, Tendris proves a divisive figure. He berates the other Aspects for allowing the Faith to become weak, and too closely tied to the crown. Shocked and angry the Conclave descends into chaos, as Tendris walks out.

Aspect Tendris repeatedly requests new measures from King Janus to combat the scourge of the unfaithful. The King does agrees to one of his requests for a crusade against deniers in the Martishe, although in truth this is a scheme of his own to have Vaelin kill an unfitting suitor of his daughter.

Tower Lord[]

In the intervening years, new King Malcius has abolished the strictures on denier, despite the objections of Aspect Al Forne. The Realm is troubled by conflict between the ardent faction led by Tendris and those more liberal like the King.

When Vaelin Al Sorna returns to the Realm, after five years imprisonment in the Alpiran Empire, Aspect Al Forne tries to convince him to join his faction. Vaelin refuses him outright.