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Master Smentil

Master of the Sixth Order

Member of

Sixth Order of the Faith


Unified Realm


Blood Song
Tower Lord

Master Smentil is the keeper of the gardens of the Sixth Order of the Faith. He is a very tall man who is incapable of speech, because the Lonak cut his tongue out before he escaped.


Blood Song[]

Master Smentil directs the novices with frantic gestures and intricate hand gestures. The gardens were large, covering at least two acres of the land outside the walls. There is also a small orchard. The gardens both feed the Brothers of the order, and provide herbs for healing.

Tower Lord[]

Master Smentil is killed during the Volarian attack on the order house. When Aspect Arlyn orders everyone to flee, Smentil escapes through the secret passage in the vaults with Master Grealin and a few brothers, but are caught on the other side. Frentis later finds his body with two arrows in his chest.