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Master Rensial

Master of the Sixth Order

Member of

Sixth Order of the Faith


Unified Realm


Blood Song
Tower Lord

Master Rensial is the master of the stables and the horses in the Sixth Order of the Faith.

Appearance and Personality[]

Master Rensial is quite quite mad, muttering constantly to himself. He treats the horses with great tenderness, speaking to them in soft whispers and lovingly brushing their hides, though his liking for caning the novices makes Master Sollis seem positively restrained.


Blood Song[]

Master Rensial trains all the novice brothers in the horse, including brother Vaelin and Frentis's groups. One of his lessons in how to defeat a head-long charge by a mounted opponent, involves him chasing the novices around the practice field on a fleet hunter attempting to ride them down.

Tower Lord[]

Master Rensial is captured during the Volarian attack on the house of the Sixth Order, as part of their invasion of the Unified Realm. He is imprisoned in the vaults beneath the order house, until Frentis and his guerrilla force retake the house from the Volarians and rescue him. Afterwards, he joins Frentis's resistance fighters. When the Volarians eventually attack their encampment in the Urlish Forest, Frentis, Master Rensial and the others are forced to flee north towards the Skellan Pass. On the way, they encounter Brother Commander Sollis with his own gathered force of over a thousand troops marching south to war.