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Ordella Al Nieren

Queen of the Unified Realm


Unified Realm


Malcius Al Nieren
Janus (son)
Dirna (daughter)


Tower Lord

Queen Ordella Al Nieren is the wife of King Malcius and the Queen of the Unified Realm.

Appearance and Personality[]

Ordella is handsome and slender, with a keen intelligence shining in her eyes.


Tower Lord[]

The Queen is cause of discord in the Realm between the faction that are ardent in the Faith led by Aspect Tendris, and those more tolerant like the King; some saying that she is a denier herself. King Malcius ensures that all Swords of the Realm swear fealty to not only him, but also the Queen, including Vaelin Al Sorna when he returns to the Realm after five years imprisonment in the Alpiran Empire.

Later, another famed hero of the Alpiran war returns to the Realm, Brother Frentis, who claims to have escaped from the slave pits in the Volarian Empire, and stowed away on a ship to Varinshold. Frentis and his female companion, Elverah, are brought to the palace, and greeted warmly by King Malcius. When Malcius embraces him, Frentis clasps the King’s head between both hands, breaking his neck with a loud crack, killing him instantly. His female companion then uses her Dark gift to kill Ordella and both her children with fire.