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Blood Song

The Nameless Wolf is a mysterious supposedly mythical animal that features in many stories of the Alpiran Gods, as guide, protector, warrior or spirit of vengeance. Vaelin Al Sorna sees the wolf throughout his life, often protecting him; it seems to be related to his gift of the Blood Song.


Blood Song[]

Vaelin first meets the wolf during the Test of the Run, when three men try to kill him in the Urlish Forest; the wolf kills two of the assassins. Years later, on the week long exchange, Vaelin hear the howl of a wolf before Sister Henna tries to kill him, despite being in the centre of the Varinshold. He sees the wolf once more in the Martishe Forest when he considers murdering Linden Al Hestian as part of his deal with King Janus; Vaelin decides not to go through with the murder.

When Vaelin finally meets someone else also gifted with the Blood Song, Ahm-Lin has a sculpture of the Nameless Wolf in his workshop. When someone burns down Ahm-Lin's workshop, the wolf sculpture is gone.

Vaelin sees the wolf once more, on the plain outside Linesh, just before Dentos is killed.

Tower Lord[]

The wolf appears again when Vaelin seeks to pass through Seordah Sil land to war against the Volarian invaders. When the Seordah see it, permission is granted. Afterward, Dahrena reveals that she once saw the wolf, when Tower Lord Al Myrna first found her.