Brother of the Sixth Order

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Sixth Order of the Faith


Unified Realm


Blood Song

Mikehl is one of the novices in Vaelin's group in the Sixth Order of the Faith. He is killed during the Test of the Run.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Mikehl is a plump Renfaelin boy who contrive to retain his excess weight despite months of hard exercise.

History Edit

Blood Song Edit

During the Test of the Run, three assassins are sent by someone to kill Vaelin Al Sorna. They mistake Mikehl for Vaelin and attack him. They wound him with an arrow in the neck and Mikehl plays dead. He manages to injure one of the assassins before they kill him. The assassins are eventually killed by the Nameless Wolf. Vaelin is the one who finds Mikehl, after killing one assassin just before. However he does not know why Mikehl was killed. When he returns to the Order house, Master Sollis tells Vaelin to tell the others that Mikehl was killed by a bear. He is remembered by the boys who conspired with Barkus to put pepper into one of the feed bags in the stable.

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