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Brother Makril is a brother of the Sixth Order of the Faith, whom Vaelin first meets on the Test of the Wild.

He works with the Fourth Order hunting deniers.

Appearance and Personality[]

Makril is a stocky man with a constant glower, who is considered one of the finest tracker in the Order. He is an abrupt and gruff individual who is naturally suspicious of everyone. Makril is haunted by an incident that happened in the Martishe where Brother Tendris Al Forne of the Fourth Order burned a barn full of denier to death in a barn.


Makril is a common born brother of the Sixth Order. He hoped to be named the Master of the Wild, but instead Master Hutril got the role, and he was sent off to hunt deniers with the Fourth Order.

Blood Song[]

Makril is tracking a dangerous young denier called Sella, who has recently escaped from the Blackhold prison in Varinshold four weeks ago. She is being helped by Erlin Ilnis, who is well known for helping deniers. With Makril are Brother Tendris of the Fourth Order, and three Volarian slave-hounds.

In the Urlish Forest, they are tracking the denier after a terrible snow storm. The hounds pick up the scent, but it leads them to Vaelin Al Sorna, a novice brother of the Sixth Order on his Test of the Wild. After a tense exchange, Vaelin claims that he met Sella and Erlin, and gave them shelter for the night. The hounds picked up the scent of a scarf Sella gave him as thanks. Despite Tendris believing him, Makril remains suspicious, and follows Vaelin to his camp. He scaring the bejesus out of Vaelin with his various tales of life in the Order, but eventually leave him be.

Later, the King Janus asks the Sixth Order to send a contingent of brothers on campaign to the Martishe Forest in Cumbrael, Makril is given the command over Vaelin and the other brothers. They are to help Sword of the Realm Linden Al Hestian and his regiment root out deniers. Lord Al Hestian prove an amiable but weak commander, and his regiment inept, fleeing at the merest sign of danger. After seven months, they agree to a plan for the Sixth Order brothers to train a small group of the regiment and raid Black Arrow's encampment. The plan succeeds but Lord Al Hestian is killed in the raid by a Cumbraelin arrow. Makril is instinctively suspicious of Vaelin, and tells him "you stink of guilt". However, after the campaign Makril is raised to Brother Commander.

Tower Lord[]

Master Makril is killed during the Volarian attack on the order house, charging straight into the battalion that broke through the gate with his hound.