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Linden Al Hestian

Sword of the Realm

Member of

Realm Guard


Unified Realm


Lakrhil Al Hestian (father)
Alucius (brother)


Blood Song

Linden Al Hestian is the eldest son of ambitious Sword of the Realm Lakrhil Al Hestian. He becomes a darling of the court, winning tournaments and fighting duels. Although, he resents his fathers endless ambitions for him.

Appearance and Personality[]

Linden is tall and handsome with an easy smile and a lively sense of humour. He is courageous in battle and skilled with sword and lance. However, the man made a terrible leader, his nature simply lacked the necessary ruthlessness.


Blood Song[]

Encouraged by his father, Linden starts courting Princess Lyrna. He craves a means to win King Janus’s favour, so that he will bless their union and allow him to marry her. Finally, the King agrees to raise him to Sword of the Realm, and send him to root out deniers led by a man called Black Arrow infesting the Martishe forest.

Assisted by brothers of the Sixth Order, led by Brother Makril and including the famed Vaelin Al Sorna, Lord Linden Al Hestian leads his new regiment into the forest on the Cumbraelin border. Curiously, his father warned him not to trust Vaelin before he left, although Linden ignores the warning, his father sees enemies everywhere in court.

The campaign proves difficult, Linden's regiment seem to flee from the merest sign of danger, but he wants to be admired by his men and refuses to punish them. After seven months, the King sends a letter demanding that Al Hestian hurry up and complete the campaign. They agree to a plan for the Sixth Order brothers to train a small group of the regiment and raid Black Arror's encampment. Vaelin suggests Al Hestian should lead the raid personally. The Orders brutal training soon show dividends, and the raiding party leave in the dead of night. As they near Black Arrows camp, Vaelin scouts ahead, leaving Linden to lead the attack.

The raid proves successful, and in the end Linden stands beside Vaelin surrounded by the bodies of their defeated enemy. Suddenly someone fires a poisoned arrow from the trees, catching Linden in the shoulder. Brother Makril extracts the arrow from his shoulder and dressed the wound with a herbs, but there is no saving him from the poison. As he lay dying, Vaelin enters his tent. Linden ask Vaelin, to give a letter to Princess Lyrna and give his sword to his younger brother Alucius. In the end, Vaelin kills him to end his suffering.