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Kralyk Al Sorna
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City Burner


Varinshold, Asrael
Unified Realm

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Kralyk Al Sorna was the Battle Lord and the First Sword of the Realm to King Janus Al Nieren. He is the father of Vaelin Al Sorna.


Kralyk was a brilliant military commander, and a man of justice who strove to keep the worst excesses of the King and Realm Guard in check. He was a stoic man, with no skill in flattery or court intrigue. Despite this he had the King's ear in council. His beliefs revolve around his motto 'Loyalty is our strength.'


Kralyk was a common born soldier, who rose through the ranks of the army during the wars of unification of the Unified Realm. He became Sword of the Realm and later Battle Lord, all though merit.

Some twenty years ago, the Unified Realm was plague by Meldenean pirates. King Janus sent the Battle Lord Kralyk Al Sorna and the fleet to burn the Meldenean’s capital city. Kralyk said the Meldeneans couldn’t hate us any more than they already did.

During the Cumbraelin revolt, he met a sister of the Fifth Order called Ildera Vardrian. They fell in love, she left the Order and they married having one son Vaelin. Although they loved each other greatly, she hated war, and this brought trouble to their marriege. She turned away from him, and he began spending more time away from home; he met another woman who give him an illegitimate daughter, Alornis.

Ildera became sick, and as she neared death, she made her husband promise to give their only son Vaelin to the Sixth Order. She recognised in her son his fathers strength, and would prefer he join the military order of the Faith, than become the pawn of the King. Kralyk reluctantly agreed.

After the death of his wife, Kralyk asked for permission to remarry and legitimise his daughter but the King refused; the Battle Lord must be an example for the people to follow. The fact that the mother of his daughter was a denier of the Faith may have also been a factor. Enraged, Kralyk left the King's service, for this and for the King's execution of Artis Al Sendahl. In recognition of his years of service, Kralyk asks a boon of the King, to return his only son to him. However, Vaelin refuses to leave the Sixth Order.

During the Alpiran war, Kralyk is said to be unwell, with the various maladies of age, and died two years later peacefully in his bed.