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True Mahlessa


Leader of the Rebel War Band




Davoka (sister)


Tower Lord

Kiral is Davoka's sister. After being badly injured by a great ape, Kiral becomes possessed by one of the servants of the One Who Waits.

Appearance and Personality[]

Kiral is pale and quick and lithe. She is a skilled huntress, and can track prey with such skill that it verges on the Dark.


Tower Lord[]

One day while hunting, Kiral came upon a great ape who badly mauled her. She lingered for days, seemingly beyond the shaman’s skills. Then she miraculously recovered. Her personality was much changed, and she believed herself the true High Priestess. She gathers a war band of rebel Lonak's, who disagree with the High Priestess making peace with the Unified Realm.

Despite the High Priestess sending three war bands to hunt the rebels, they elude them and attack Princess Lyrna's group. Both groups suffer heavy losses. They continue to pursue Lyrna's now small group. However, Davoka leads them towards a volcano, and her knowledge of the periodic lava flows helps them evade them.

Kiral and her rebel war band eventually catch up with Lyrna, but they are defeated by some loyal Lonak. Davoka takes Kiral to see the Mountain. The High Priestess exorcises the servant of the One Who Waits from Kiral, using a mysterious black liquid. Kiral and Davoka are dismissed to allow the High Priestess and the High Priestess speak alone. Kiral is left at the Mountain when Lyrna and Davoka leave.