Brother of the Sixth Order

Member of

Sixth Order of the Faith


Unified Realm


Blood Song

Jennis is one of the novices in Vaelin's group in the Sixth Order of the Faith. He dies during the Test of the Wild.

History Edit

Blood Song Edit

Jennis is in Vaelin's group in the Sixth Order. He is best friends with Mikehl and takes his death in the Test of the Run very hard. In the Test of the Wild, the novices are hit by a terrible Winter snow storm. Barkus finds him freezing in the snow with no cloak on. Originally, Brakus claims that Jennis was already dead when he found him, but later, under the influence of the One Who Waits, he claims Jennis was still alive and Barkus cannibalised the corpse in desperation to stay alive.

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