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Ildera Vardrian is the mother of Vaelin Al Sorna, and a former sister of the Fifth Order.


Ildera was highly respected for her knowledge of healing, and a Mistress in the Order, as well as an extremely eloquent woman, with a great capacity to care. She hated war, she had seen enough of it in her service for the Faith.


Ildera was a sister of the Fifth Order destined many said to be the next Aspect. However, during the Cumbraelin revolt, she met and fell in love with Battle Lord Kralyk Al Sorna. She left the Order to marry him. Although they loved each other greatly, she hated war, and this brought trouble to their marriege. She turned away from him, and he began spending more time away from home; he met another woman who give him an illegitimate daughter, Alornis.

Ildera became sick, and as she neared death, she made her husband promise to give their only son Vaelin to the Sixth Order. She recognised in her son his fathers strength, and would prefer he join the military order of the Faith, than become the pawn of the King. Kralyk reluctantly agreed.