The Ice Horde is the name given to the tribes of the northern Pack Ice region by the people of the Northern Reaches. Their tribal shaman have Dark Gifts allowing them to control their monstrous war-cats, wolves, bears, and hawks. There are in fact three distinct tribes; the Cat People, the Wolf People, and the Bear People. They are reputed for their viciousness towards any combatant and civilian not of their tribe.

Years ago, the Ice Horde migrated south into the Northern Reaches in huge numbers led by the Cat People, some say over one-hundred-thousand. A great battle was fought between them, and all the men, Eorhil and Seordah the Tower Lord Vanos Al Myrna could mustor; no help was forthcoming from the Realm. The vast majority of the Horde died in the carnage that followed their rout on the plains, only a pitiful remnant fleeing back to the ice. Years later, the starving remains of the Horde return to the Northern Reaches, fleeing oppression by the Volarians. Rather than fight, Tower Lord Vaelin Al Sorna gives them whatever succour they can.