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Holus Nester Aruan

Governor of Linesh


Alpiran Empire


Unnamed (daughter)


Blood Song

Governor Holus Nester Aruan is the governor of the rich port city of Linesh in the Alpiran Empire.

Appearance and Personality[]

Aruan is a portly man with a fleshy face of about fifty who wears jewelled rings on each of his stubby fingers. He is a pragmatic man.


Blood Song[]

The Unified Realm send an invasion force to the Alpiran coast to annex the three rich coastal ports into the Realm. After the Alpirans suffer two crushing defeats, the remnants of the defeated army are concentrated on the largest city Marbellis, while Linesh is left barely defended. The Realm forces approach the city under the command of Vaelin Al Sorna, the Hope Killer. Vaelin cunningly captures Linesh without bloodshed, by infiltrate the city through the sewer in the bay. Despire being conquered, Aruan is left in charge of administering the city and seeing to the needs of the population.

During the occupation, his daughter is taken ill and diagnosed with the dreaded Red Hand. Vaelin seals the city, and sends a single Meldenean ship to the Realm to return with Sister Sherin, a healer with a cure for the sickness. While they wait for the ships return, Sister Gilma and his maid also succumb to the plague and die, but his daughter lingers. When Sister Sherin arrives, she recovers from her illness. Aruan feels greatly endebted to Vaelin for saving his daughter and the city.

Eventually, the Emperor sues for the peaceful surrender of the city, provided Vaelin gives himself up as their prisoner; Vaelin's men are allowed to sail back to the Realm. When Vaelin leaves the city to give himself up to the Alpirans, his dog Scratch is left with the Governor, to be released at nightfall; Scratch saves him in his confrontation with Barkus.

With the end of the war, Aruan is stripped of his governorship, and becomes a merchant. During Vaelin's trial, Aruan bravely speaks for the defence about his generosity and mercy during the cities occupation.

Five years later, when Vaelin is transported to the Meldenean Islands for the duel, he departs from Linesh. They speak briefly, and Aruan tells him of his daughters impending marriage. He also returns to him his sword, which he had left in his care.