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Blood Song (mentioned)
Tower Lord

The High Priestess of the mysterious leader Lonak whose authority is considered total; the words of the High Priestess are not to be questioned. She lives in the Mountain, guarded only by women as men become mad in her presence. The Mountain is seemingly an ancient built tower of unknown design with some kind of broken steam driven device within.

Appearance and Personality[]

The High Priestess is a youthful slender dark-haired woman, who exudes great confidence considering her age. However, this seems to be a vessal that the spirit of the priestess inhabits, periodically renewing into a different person. The renewal is eerily reminiscent of the servants of the One Who Waits, although the people she inhabits seem to have been convicted by the Lonak of some crime - her current shell murdered her own mother. She is revered by the Lonak as gifted with the Dark, with the ability to scry into the future.


The High Priestess claims to have passed from vessal to vessal for ten centuries.

Blood Song[]

The High Priestess is said to have allowed Vaelin Al Sorna to pass untroubled through Lonak land in his hunt for Brother Caenis.

Tower Lord[]

When King Malcius recieves an emissary from the Lonak offering peace with the Realm, Lyrna is sent as the King's ambassador to meet the High Priestess. Lyrna eventually arrives guided by Davoka. With Davoka is her sister, Kiral, who is a minion of the One Who Waits. The High Priestess exorcises the servant of the One Who Waits from Kiral, using a mysterious black liquid. Dismissing Davoka and Kiral, the High Priestess and the High Priestess speak alone. Their conversation is ambiguous, hinting at the Volarian invasion, Lyrna's ascension to the throne, and potentially dark future. Before she leaves, Lyrna is given the peace agreement and also two gifts; a book on philosophy called the Wisdoms of Reltak, and a drop of the mysterious black liquid on her throwing knife.