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Hentes Mustor

The Usurper

Member of

Priest of The World Father


Unified Realm


Fief Lord Mustor (father)
Sentes Mustor (brother)


Blood Song

Hentes Mustor is the youngest son of Fief Lord Mustor of Cumbrael. Although he is the youngest son, he is expected to succeed his father, as his elder brother Sentes Mustor is a drunken buffoon. Hentes is known a Trueblade, a hero prophesied in the Cumbraelin religion.

Appearance and Personality[]

Hentes was once a handsome carousing, wench-chasing warrior until he was injured, and became a pious zealot of the World Father.


Hentes was always his fathers the favoured son. He was the best with the bow, best with the sword, quick of wit, tall and handsome. He sired three bastards of his own by his twenty-fifth year. But, when he took an arrow in the face during a skirmish with some outlaws. He took a fever and lay near death for several days, at one point it’s said his heart stopped beating.

Once recovered he was a changed man. He began to preach passionate sermons describing the visions he had seen as he lay dying. He claimed The World Father had spoken to him, shown him the glorious path to redemption. It's clear he became enthralled to the One Who Waits during his illness.

Blood Song[]

During the King Janus's campaign in the Martishe Forest against Cumbraelin deniers, some letters of free passage are found seemingly written by Fief Lord Mustor. The King orders his brother Sentes Mustor to be put under house arrest, until the Fief Lord comes to court and explain why the these letters were in the possession of denier fanatics. Fief Lord Mustor delays in sending any response.

When it becomes clear the Fief Lord is going to bend the knee to King Janus, Hentes calls his father to a secret meeting and sticks his sword in his heart, killing him. Hentes and his fanatic followers flee to the High Keep, and block the secret entrance. Meanwhile, he secretly takes Sister Sherin hostage, as leverage against famed soldier Vaelin Al Sorna.

Vaelin's regiment infiltrate the High Keep, thanks to a skilled climber in their ranks. While his small force open the gates for the rest of the men, Vaelin confronts Hentes alone in the Lord's Chamber. As Vaelin approaches him, he reveals his hostage. Vaelin drops his weapns, and a tense exchange ensues. Hentes seems torn between the voice in his head that he believes is his God urging him to kill Vaelin, and guilt for killing his father. Hentes eventually regains control, and seems on the verge of giving up. However, Barkus arrives and seeing Vaelin unarmed, kills Hentes with his axe.