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Sister Henna

Sister of the Fifth Order

Member of

Fifth Order of the Faith


Unified Realm


Blood Song

Sister Henna is one of the sisters in the Fifth Order of the Faith, the order of healing. She is a minion of the One Who Waits and tries to kill Vaelin.

Appearance and Personality[]

Sister Henna is a plumb young healer who had worked in the Order house for many years. It is never revealed how but at some point she became a minion of the One Who Waits.


Blood Song[]

When Vaelin Al Sorna spends his week long exchange with the Fifth Order, Sister Henna is warmly enthusiastic to meet him, with even more questions than the others.

One night, Sister Henna comes to Vaelin's bedroom, and to his shock, she kissed him. As he is trying to force her away, he hears the howl of the Nameless Wolf, a sign he now associates with danger. Sister Henna comes at him with a knife, but Vaelin twists away. However, she continues to come at him, with skilled attacks that Vaelin recognises from his own training. He evenually catches her wrist until he hears it crack and subdues her. However, she poisons herself with something hidden in a tooth. Her final words are "Once there were seven".