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Seventh Order of the Faith


Blood Song
Tower Lord

Harlick is one of the Dark gifted people in Sella's community in the Fallen City within the Lonak dominion.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Harlick is a slightly built man with long ash-grey hair. He has the Dark ability to read a book and memorise the entire text.

History Edit

Harlick was a man of importance in the Grand Library in Varinshold, and secretly a member of the Seventh Order of the Faith.

Blood Song Edit

When the scryers foretell that Vaelin Al Sorna will be gifted with the Blood Song and may fall into the hands of the One Who Waits, Harlick conspires with First Minister Artis Al Sendahl to kill Vaelin during the Test of the Run. However, the attack fails when the assassins mistake another novice Mikehl for Vaelin. This action is not sanctioned by the Aspect of the Seventh Order and Harlick is exiled from the Order.

Harlick steals all the books on the Dark from the Grand Library and flees the Realm ending up as one of the founders of the community of gifted people in the Fallen City. While the community grows, Harlick spends his time memorizing and destroying the books on the Dark to hide their knowledge. When Vaelin discovers the community in his pursuit of Nortah, Harlick fears that Vaelin has come to kill him. His fear leads him to reveal to Vaelin that the Seventh Order really does still exist and that the Aspects know of its existence.

Tower Lord Edit

Harlick and the community eventually move north to the Northern Reaches, realising that the Lonak will no longer tolerate them in their dominion. They are given a home by Tower Lord Vanos Al Myrna in Nehrin’s Point. Harlick isolates himself from the community in order to transcribe the books on the Dark he has memorised.

When Vaelin is named the new Tower Lord after the death of Vanos Al Myrna, he goes to visit Harlick, but rather than killing him, he names him Archivist of the North Tower. Harlick accompanies Vaelin south to war against the Volarians who had invaded the Realm.

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