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Master Grealin is the Sixth Order’s Master of the Vaults and the keeper of the armoury.

Appearance and Personality[]

Grealin is an enormous man, almost as broader than he is tall. Despite his girth, he is still not to be messed with in a fight. He wears a single red rose embroidered on the breast of his robe.

He is a jovial man, who often chuckles to himself, and laughs heartily in company. He is the least harsh of all the masters, he never canes the boys, or curses or swears, his punishments are only words. He and Master Sollis have some bad blood.

Recent Events[]

Blood Song[]

Vaelin Al Sorna and the other new recruits visit Grealin on their first day in the Sixth Order, to receive their equipment: one wooden sword of the Asraelin pattern, one hunting knife twelve inches in length, one pair of boots, two pairs of trews, two shirts of cotton, one cloak, one clasp, one purse, empty of course, and one medallion with the sigil of the Sixth Order.

In their training, Grealin teaches Vaelin’s group the history of the Sixth Order, tales of daring exploits or great battles. This is supposedly in preparation for the Test of Knowledge. He tests the students at the end of each lesson and rewards them with sweets; rewarding himself at the same time.

On the night of the Aspect massacre, it is Master Grealin who foils the assassins sent for Aspect Arlyn. Three men tunnelled into the vaults of the Sixth Order, where they meet Grealin and are all killed.

Tower Lord[]

Master Grealin is one of the few to survive the attack on the house of the Sixth Order by the Volarian invaders, escaping through the secret tunnel in the vaults. He is found by Frentis, and joins his encampment fighting a guerrilla war against the Volarians, swelling their numbers by attacking slave convoys and freeing the people.

The Volarians eventually sends troops to root out and destroy their encampment. During the carnage, Master Grealin is forced to use his Dark gift, and is revealed to be the secret Aspect of the Seventh Order. In the aftermath of the attack, Frentis's group are grievous depleted with many wounded. Frentis breaks camp, and moves north hoping to reach the Skellan Pass. They are constantly harried by the Volarians, despite all the false trails they lay. Frentis eventually sets a trap, with Grealin using his powers to bring a rock outcrop down on their pursuers. However, exhaustion and overuse of his powers have taken their toll of Master Grealin, and he dies.