Sister Gilma

Sister of the Fifth Order

Member of

Fifth Order of the Faith


Unified Realm


Blood Song

Sister Gilma is the healer of the Fifth Order of the Faith assigned to Vaelin Al Sorna's regiment.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sister Gilma is plump and friendly with a quick smile and bright blue eyes that seemed to sparkle continually with mirth.

History Edit

Blood Song Edit

When Vaelin requests a healer be assigned to his regiment after the Martishe campaign. Aspect Elera appoints Sister Gilma, despite the fact that he would have dearly loved it to be Sister Sherin. Sister Gilma proves a valuable asset to the regiment throughout the Cumbraelin campaign. Eventually, she accompanies the Unified Realm's invasion forces to war with the Alpiran Empire, to annex the rich northern ports. In Linesh, a breakout occurs of the dreaded Red Hand plague in the governors mansion. Thanks to Sister Gilma's treatment the governors daughter lingers long enough for Sister Sherin to arrive with a cure. However, Gilma herself also succumbs to the illness and die.