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Gallis the Climber

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One Eye's Criminal Fraternity


Unified Realm


Blood Song
Tower Lord (mentioned)

Gallis the Climber is a thief from Varinshold fame for his skill at climbing.

Appearance and Personality[]

Gallis is a strong stocky man, who is unusually skilled at climbing; he claims there is no wall he cannot climb.


Blood Song[]

Gallis is in thrall to the One Eye, the vicious overall leader of the cities criminal fraternity. Behind on his payments to One Eye, he robs a warehouse stealing a sack full of spice. However, he is caught by the Realm Guard. With a crossbow bolt through his shoulder, he is taken to the Fifth Order healing house. He is treated by Sister Sherin, who at the time is being assisted by Vaelin Al Sorna. While Vaelin is out of the room, Gallis stabs one of the guards, and holds a blade to Sherin's throat. Vaelin returns and instantly saves her. Unfazed, Sister Sherin calmly continues to heal Gallis's wounds. That night, Gallis escapes despite his wounds, climbing down a wall of nearly thirty feet with hardly any visible hand-holds.

Gallis is later arrested again by the Realm Guard, this time for stealing silver from a nobles home. He is imprisoned in the Royal Dungeons. However, he is allowed to leave and join Vaelin's new regiment, the Thirty-Fifth Regiment of Foot or the Wolfrunners. He fights in the Cumbraelin campaign against the religious fanatic Hentes Mustor, the Trueblade. He provides a vital contribution to infiltrating the High Keep, by scaling the cliff and walls with his astonishing climbing skills. He subsequently fights in the Unified Realm's invasion of the Alpiran Empire, surviving the fall of Linesh and returning to the Realm at the end of the war.

Tower Lord[]

Since the war, Gallis has remained in the Wolfrunners now under the command of Caenis Al Nysa. After the assassination attempt on Tower Lord Al Bera of the South Tower, Gallis and the Wolfrunners join Battle Lord Al Trendil campaign to root out fanatics in Cumbrael. However, it is soon revealed to be a ruse so that the Volarians can overwhelm Varinshold with the Realm Guard out of the city. The Battle Lord lead the army back to Varinshold to face the Volarian host. The Realm Guards are defeated largely thanks to the betrayal of Fief Lord Darnel of Renfael and his knights. Caenis and many of the Wolfrunners survive the rout, however Gallis dies in the retreat.