Fornella Av Tokrev Av Entril

Volarian Empire


Reklar Tokrev (husband)


Tower Lord (book)

Lady Fornella is the wife of General Reklar Tokrev, the commander in overall charge of the Volarian invasion force.

Appearance and Personality

Lady Fornella is young and quite beautiful, with a strident, cultured voice. She is quite snarky with her husband. Although she appears to be about thirty, she claims to be centuaries old, thanks to the Volarians alliance with the One Who Waits.


Tower Lord

Lady Fornella travels with her husband to the Unified Realm, where the Volarians launch a massive invasion. The conquest of the Realm proves crushing, smashing the Realm Guard. While there, she acquires as a slave the famed Alpiran historian, Vernier. The victories continue until they reach the Cumbraelin city of Alltor. The siege of the city proves arduous, with the defenders putting up a strong resistance thanks to their inspirational leader, Reva Mustor. Even when the city walls are breached by siege weapons, the defenders bunker behind a series of protective barricades. All the while, Fornella has her slave Vernier document her husbands victories in florid prose.

Just as the sieges seems on the point of being won, the famed Realm leader, Vaelin Al Sorna, leads a gathered army against the Volarians. Despite the Volarians having almost twice the numbers, Vaelin personally leads a charge strraight into their defensive lines. The ploy creates chaos in the Volarian ranks, allowing Vaelins army of Seordah, Eorhil, and Realm Guards to decimate the Volarian host. General Tokrev tries to flee in his ship, but a Meldenean fleet arrives blocking their escape. In the chaos, Vernier takes the opportunity to kill Tokrev. As the Meldenean arrow storm strikes the ship, Fornella and Vernier find refuge under a table, until the Shield captures their ship.

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