Fief Lord Mustor

Fief Lord of Cumbrael


Unified Realm


Sentes Mustor (son)
Hentes Mustor (son)


Blood Song

Fief Lord Mustor is the governor of the Fief of Cumbrael. His eldest son Sentes is a drunken buffoon, so he favours his younger son Hentes to succeed him a Fief Lord.


Fief Lord Mustor sends his elders son Sentes to live in court, while he keeps his favourite son Hentes with him in Cumbrael. However, after an illness, Hentes turns increasingly radical in his belief in The World Father, and the Fief Lord is forced to exile him.

Blood Song

During the King Janus's campaign in the Martishe Forest against Cumbraelin deniers, some letters of free passage are found seemingly written by Fief Lord Mustor. The King orders his son Sentes Mustor to be put under house arrest, until the Fief Lord comes to court and explain why the these letters were in the possession of denier fanatics. Fief Lord Mustor delays in sending any response.

When it became clear the Fief Lord was going to bend the knee to King Janus, his son Hentes calls him to a secret meeting and sticks his sword in his heart, killing him.

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