Fief Lord Darvus Ezua

Fief Lord of Nilsael




Maeser Ezua (grandson)
Kaeser Ezua (grandson)


Tower Lord

Fief Lord Darvus Ezua is the governor of Nilsael. He is a shrewd, calculating man who reminds Vaelin a little of King Janus.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Darvus Ezua is now a very old man with skeletal features, who must be carried everywhere in a litter. Although his voice is marked by a noticeable croak, it is still strong and clear.

History Edit

Tower Lord Edit

Vaelin Al Sorna leads his eclectic army of northmen, Eorhil horsemen, Seordah warrior, and the remnants of the Realm Guard into Nilsael. There he meets the Fief Lord to request that he add his soldiers to their cause to lift the siege of Alltor. However, Fief Lord Darvus Ezua wants to negotiate a deal to enrich his fiefdom, before committing his troops. The Fief Lord's spies have learnt of the secret gold deposit find in the Northern Reaches, and demands that all the gold mined must be sold through his ports. With little time for elaborate bargaining, Vealin quickly agrees.

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