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Fief-Lord Theros

Fief-Lord of Renfael


Unified Realm


Unnamed (wife)
Darnel (son)


Blood Song

Fief-Lord Theros is the governor of the fiefdom of Renfael in the Unified Realm.

Appearance and Personality[]

Lord Theros has a broad weathered face distinguished by a twice broken nose and eyes deeply lined with age.


Lord Theros was once the leader of the independent kingdom of Renfael. During the wars of unification, King Janus fought a bloody conflict in the Urlish Forest and the Renfaelins lost half her knights. Lord Theros was brought before the King, wounded and chained. He spat defiance but after a day and a night arguing, finally Lord Theros saw that if he fought me any longer he would soon lose the other half. He agreed to become the King’s vassal.

His son Darnel is a huge disappointment as a man, and Theros shows him nothing but scorn.

Blood Song[]

Lord Theros personally led his finest knights to war against the Alpiran Empire. His charge on the Bloody Hill turned the tide of the battle for the Realm. However, he is in Marbellis when the city falls to the Alpirans, and is presumed dead. His son Darnel is raise to be the new Fief Lord of Renfael.