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Blood Song

Erlin Ilnis is a man who has travelled widely, and seen the many religions that exist in the world. He disagrees with the way the Faith oppresses other religions in the Unified Realm, and helps deniers hide and run.

Appearance and Personality[]

Erlin is a lean man in his mid-thirties with a deeply lined face and a gravity in his stare that spoke of a wide breadth of experience. Despite his appearance he has a bright friendy nature.


Blood Song[]

When Sella, a Dark gifted denier, escapes from the Blackhold prison in Varinshold, Erlin agrees to help her escape the Unified Realm. Sella and Erlin flee north through the Urlish Forest toward Renfael, pursued by Order Brothers Tendris Al Forne and Makril. However, they are caught in terrible winter snow storm. Reaching the end of his strength in the snow drifts, Erlin starts to cursing the storm. Vaelin Al Sorna, who is camping nearby for his Test of the Wild, hears him, and brings them back to his cave. The next morning, Sella is extremely nervous when she learns that Vaelin is a novice of the Sixth Order, and wants to leave. But, when Vaelin smells horses and dogs to the south, he agrees to help them escape. While he draws the dogs away using a scarf Sella gives him, they escape to the north.

Vaelin sees Erlin again a year or so later at the Summertide Fair in Varinshold, but does not speak to him. The two meet again four years later after Vaelin's Test of the Sword. He knew the man that Vaelin killed in the test, and tells him his story. Urlian Jurahl was a former brother of the Sixth Order whose wife was a denier. When soldiers came to arrest his wife, he killed two of them but was arrested. He also claims that Makril eventually captured him in Renfael, but inexplicably let him go free.

Erlin continues to guide deniers and those gifted with the Dark to the mountains north of Renfael, where Sella now leads a community.