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Emeren Nasur Ailers

Alpiran Empire


The Hope (husband)
Unnamed (son)


Blood Song
Tower Lord

Lany Emeren Nasur Ailers is a Alpiran noble and the wife of The Hope, the nominated heir to the Emperor.

Appearance and Personality[]

Lady Emeren is a fine featured woman with innate dignity and poise. She dresses simply with little makeup or jewels.


Blood Song[]

At the end of the war between the Unified Realm and the Alpiran Empire, Vaelin Al Sorna, the man who killed the Hope, is taken captive and put on trial in the Alpiran court. He is convicted, but the Emperor grants mercy and sentences him to prison. Lady Emeren is enraged, that the Emperor refuses to execute her husband's killer. Vaelin spends the next five years imprisoned in the Emperors dungeons.

Lady Emeren conspires to be taken hostage by the Meldeneans. They demand that Vaelin be transported to the Islands for a duel to the death with the Shield; a duel everyone believes he will lose and even if he wins the Meldeneans will kill him anyway. The Meldeneans seek vengance for Vaelin's father, Kralyk Al Sorna, burning their capital.

The duel takes place in an ancient amphitheatre, viewed by Lady Emeren, the ruling Ship-Lords, and a throng of Meldeneans. After so many years in solitary confinement, can Vaelin really win this duel? Yes, so blindingly fast that it's hard to count the seconds. Vaelin refuses to kill The Shield, and after a tense exchange the Meldeneans allow Vaelin to go free. Lady Emeren is enraged at being robbed of her vengence again, and vows to continue her search for revenge.

Tower Lord[]

Since the duel in the Isles, Lady Emeren has lived in the Alpiran capital, Alpira, isolated from the Emperor and the court, raising her son. Frentis and Elverah visit their villa on their assassination spree across through the empire. Elverah intends to kill both Emeren and her son, but she must deal with the guards, so leave it to Frentis to kill them. However, Frentis has begun to loosen her control over him thanks to a touch from Revek. He forces himself to release the bonds on Emeren, allowing them both to escape. It is later revealed that Emeren herself was the real target, who would soon be named the new heir to the Emperor.