Elera Al Mendah

Aspect of the Fifth Order

Member of

Fifth Order of the Faith


Unified Realm


Blood Song

Aspect Elera Al Mendah is the head of the Fifth Order of the Faith, the order of healing.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Elera is in her thirties, with an angular face framed by gold-blonde hair that hung down over her shoulders. She is very beautiful with bright eyes full of warmth and compassion.

History Edit

Elera and Master Sollis served together on the north eastern border, years ago. On quiet days she would teach the brothers of the Sixth relaxation and pain control techniques, as a way to pass the time. Brother Sollis was always the most attentive.

Blood Song Edit

Elera first meets Vaelin Al Sorna during his Test of Knowledge, where she is one of the three Aspects that interview him. They ask him uncomforable questions about the man he killed on the Test of the Run, his mother, and his encounter with the heretic Sella. It leaves him depressed and sullen for days afterwards.

They meet again when Vaelin chooses to be placed in the Fifth Order, for his week long exchange. Vaelin reveals to the Aspect that his reason from choosing the order is to ask her questions about his family. However, Elera refuses to help him, and assigns him to Sister Sherin. She is surprised how close their relationship becomes. When assassins infiltrate the Fifth Order to try and kill the Aspect, Vaelin manages to kill them before they reach her bedroom. After Vaelin recovers from being poisoned during the assassination attempt, Vaelin goes to see the Aspect. Elera agrees to answer one of Vaelin's questions about his family. Vaelin learns about his half sister, and that it was his mothers decision to give him to the Sixth Order.

They only meet briefly over the next couple of years, at the Conclave of the Faithful for the new Aspects, and when Frentis is rescued from One Eye.

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