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Lord Darnel

Lord of Renfael
Fief Lord of Renfael


Unified Realm


Fief-Lord Theros (father)
Arendil Banders (illegitimate son)


Blood Song
Tower Lord

Lord Darnel is the son and heir of Fief-Lord Theros of Renfael.

Appearance and Personality[]

Darnel is a tall young man with a handsome face, dark blue eyes, and long dark hair. He is a fine horseman and knight, though he lacks any sense of knightly chivalry; he’s a self-glorying fool seems to be a fairly common opinion of him.


Darnel has always been a huge disappointment to his father Theros, who shows him nothing but scorn.

Blood Song[]

Lord Darnel has had a long-standing grievance with his fathers chief retainer Baron Hughlin Banders. At the Summertide Fair in Varinshold, he takes his opportunity to beat him in the melee. His father sees this as an opportunity to advance his wife to marry his son to Princess Lyrna. However, when Darnel kneels before the royal pavilion to receive the Princess's favour, Lyrna is distracted by her conversation with Vaelin Al Sorna and ignores him. Darnel has a seething resentment for Vaelin ever since.

Lord Darnel accompanies his father, Fief Lord Theros, and his finest knights to war in the Alpiran Empire. During the capture of Marbellis, Darnel is caught raping a girl by Baron Banders. When Marbellis falls to the Alpirans, Darnel is one of the few to escape with his life, though his father is presumed dead. Lord Darnel is raise to be the new Fief Lord of Renfael.

Tower Lord[]

Some years ago, Darnel had son with Baron Banders' illegitimate daughter Ulice. Darnel has remained unmarried over the years, still hoping to wed Princess Lyrna. As Fief Lord, Darnel demands that Banders give him his son Arendil as his heir, but the Baron refuses. The conflict between the two most powerful men in the fiefdom seems destined to tear Renfael apart, until Princess Lyrna agrees to take Arendil as her ward.

Meanwhile, Fief Lord Darnel has secretly made a deal with the Volarian Empire. When the Volarians launch a massive invasion of the Realm, Fief Lord Darnel leads his knights into Asrael. As the Realm Guard are lined up to confront the Volarian host, the Renfaelin knights slowly ride up to them. Battle Lord Al Trendil thought they had come to aid them, but Fief Lord Darnel and his knights charged them and routed the Realm's army.

When Darnel learns that his son Arendil has join Frentis's guerrilla army in the Urlish Forest, he sends knights and his Volarian allies into the forest to root them out. However, Frentis leads his force to the north and escapes.

It is revealed that Darnel turned traitor against the Realm, in return for half of Asrael including Varinshold.