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The Volarian Empire is a nation on the southern continent of the Circle of the World, to the east of the Alpiran Empire. Slavery plays an important role in the society and economy of the empire. Periodic border wars occur between the Alpirans and Volarians.


The Empire is ruled by the members of the Volarian Ruling Council, who those people who own at least one hundred thousand slaves. They are known to drink the blood of the Gifted to obtain immortality.

Geography, Culture and Religion[]

A map of the empire.

Volarian society is heavily reliant on slavery, and defeat in conflict with the Volarians usually results in the enslavement of its people. Slaves often endured brutal treatment, and are used for everything from slave soldiers, to house-slaves and bed-slaves. Slaves that try and run away can expect no mercy. The Volarians have bred a specific breed of dog for chasing slaves, Volarian slave-hounds.

Freemen are also ridgely stratified, with the colour of one's clothes signify your status: blue indicates a journeyman of some kind, grey a person of property, black a person of significant property (one thousand slaves), only the very richest Volarians wear red. Their metalsmiths are counted the best in the world.

They seem to have no religion, considering to have divested ourselves of such superstitions centuries ago.


Main article: Volarian Imperial Army

The Volarian Empire possessed a large armed force that consisted of three main classes: Varitai, the low-ranking slave soldiers, the Kuritai, the highly trained slave-elites, and the Free Swords, the citizen conscripts and mercenaries.


The territory of the Volarian Empire was initially home to multiple smaller states before being conquered and formed into an empire in an event known as the Forging Age.

Tower Lord[]

The Volarian Empire launch a long planned massive invasion of the Unified Realm. The Volarians roll across the nation aided by the traitorous Fief Lord Darnel. They are finally stopped at the siege of the Alltor, where Lady Governess Reva Mustor fights a desperate defence of the city. Eventually, Tower Lord Vaelin Al Sorna and his gathered hoste arrive and crush the Volarians.

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