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The Unified Realm is a federated nation on the northern continent of the Circle of the World. It is formed by the four fiefdoms of Asrael, Nilsael, Renfael, and Cumbrael. It's capital is Varinshold.


The Unified Realm is a hereditary monarchy ruled by the King of the Unified Realm, where the crown is passed down from one member of the royal family to another. The current is the brilliant and ruthless Janus Al Nieren.

The King is advised by the ten man Council of Ministers including: the First Minister, the Minister of Finance, the Fleet Lord, the Minister of Royal Works, the Lord of Justice, and three others.

A portion of the King's sovereign powers are transferred to the local Fief Lord of each fiefdom; Fief Lord Mustor of Cumbrael, Fief Lord Theros of Renfael, and Fief Lord Darvus Ezua on Nilsael.


The Unified Realm consists of four fiefdom and a fifth colony called the Northern Reaches. The Northern Reaches is not considered to be part of the integral territory of the realm, and is governed by the Tower Lord rather than a Fief Lord, with considerable independence. The region is separated from the realm by the Great Northern Forest controlled by the tribal Seordah, and the mountains of the Lonak.

Beyond the Northern Reaches are the unnamed and largely unexplored ice Pack Ice, and the periodically troublesome indigenous peoples. The rest of the Unified Realm is surrounded by the Erinean Sea.

The Unified Realm itself consists of four fiefdoms:

The Unified Realm

  • To the south east is Asrael, the founding nation and the heart of the Realm. It is the location of the seat of the King and the heads of the Orders of The Faith.
  • To the north west is Nilsael. It is said that Nilsael sold itself to the King because it was tired of armies of Asreal raping its land for fodder every few years.
  • To the north east is Renfael. It is said that Renfael lost half her knights in battle, and the Lord saw that if he fought the Asraelins any longer he would soon lose the other half.
  • To the south west is Cumbrael. Cumbrael hates and fears the Asraelin in equal measure, but they fear the Faith more and will stay loyal to the King as long as he keeps it from their door.

Culture and Religion[]

The Unified Realm is pre-industrial, reminiscent of Europe in the Middle Ages. Varinshold is the largest city in the realm. Other major cities include Meanshall, Alltor, Maelinscove, Warnsclave, Andurin, and Cardurin. The populace is largely stratified by two broad classes; nobles and commoners. A man is born to his station, is expected to remain there.

The Faith is the dominant religion of the Unified Realm. It is a godless religion, that believes that the spirits of the dead called The Departed possess the ability to influence the fortunes of the living. The Faith's dominance often gives rise to conflict and oppression of other religions.


The crown's armed forces are tasked with defence of the realm, as well as promoting the Realm's wider interests overseas.

The Battle Lord is in overall command of the Realm's army. Some twenty years ago, Vanos Al Myrna held the role, until he questioned the King’s word, and was banished to the Northern Reaches. Then Kralyk Al Sorna had the role, until he resigned after being refused permission to legitimise his daughter. Most recently, Lakrhil Al Hestian was Battle Lord during the Alpiran war, and Varius Al Tendril during the Volarian war.

Beneath the Battle Lord are those raise to Sword of the Realm commissioned to command a regiment of the army. Vaelin Al Sorna was bestowed with this rank by King Janus. Sword of the Realm and Lord Marshal seem to be used interchangeably. There seems to be at least thirty-five regiments in the army, so presumably the same number of Swords of the Realm.

The core of the army are the Realm Guard, which is divided into at least thirty-five regiments of foot and cavalry. Two famed regiments are, the Twenty-Seventh Regiment of Horse commonly called the Blackhawks due to the black tail-feathers in their tunics, and the Thirty-Fifth Regiment of Foot called the Wolfrunners.

Outside the normal military structure are two forces, the Sixth Order and the Tower Lord. The Sixth Order of the Faith, are a religious military order trained from childhood to be some of the mightiest warriors in the world. Although not directly controlled by the King, he can broker with the Aspect of the Order to fight on his behalf. The Tower Lord commands the North Tower in the Northern Reaches. Although the Northern Reaches are not strictly within the Unified Realm, the region is fortified against the indigenous people in the far north, and to protect the Realm's mining interests. Vanos Al Myrna is the current Tower Lord, and Vaelin Al Sorna would subsequently hold the role after his return from the Alpiran war.


The Realm was founded five hundred years ago by King Varin, who led his people from the Volarian Empire to the realm, seemingly fleeing religious persecution for their Faith. King Varin drove the Seordah into the forests and the Lonak into the mountains. About one hundred years after it's founding, a great war occured. The rumours say it was the war between the Faithful, that destroyed the Seventh Order. The chaos caused by this war brought the fracturing of the Realm into the four independent kingdoms.

Some fifty years ago, the whole region was struck by a vicious plague called the Red Hand that laid waste to the land. Almost half the population died, man, woman, child, rich or poor. Fear caused the Faithful to blame the plague on deniers and the Dark, and they became dreadfully oppressed particularly by the Fourth Order.

Some years later, King Janus was once the King of only Asrael, the fifth ruling family since King Varin. He expanded his realm by ruthlessly conquering the neighbouring kingdoms of Cumbrael, Nilsael and Renfael into the Unified Realm.

Blood Song[]

King Janus rules the Unified Realm with ruthless authority, but the nation remains unstable with the Cumbaelin religious fanatics proving problematic. Eventually, King Janus invades the neighbouring Alpiran Empire in order to annex the ports on the northern coast into the Unified Realm. He wanted the trade routes through the Erinean, in a desperate attempt to save the economy of the realm. The war end in a crushing defeat for the Realm, with dreadful loses on both sides.

Tower Lord[]

After the death of his father, Prince Malcius becomes the new King of the Realm. The Realm is decimated when the Volarian Empire launch a massive invasion. The Volarians roll across the nation aided by the traitorous Fief Lord Darnel. They are finally stopped at the siege of the Alltor, where Lady Governess Reva Mustor fights a desperate defence of the city. Eventually, Tower Lord Vaelin Al Sorna and his gathered hoste arrive and crush the Volarians. With Malcius dead, Princess Lyrna is recognised as Queen of the Realm.

Queen of Fire[]

With victory in Alltor and their hold on the Unified Realm weakened by rebellion, the Volarians were finally defeated by Queen Lyrna. Seeking to protect the realm from future aggression, the Queen took the fight to the Volarian Empire which was itself weakened by slave revolts and political insurgency. Queen Lyrna succeeded in fighting her way into the capital Volar, and killing the usurping Empress and annexing much of the empire into the Unified Realm.

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