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Seventh Order of the Faith is one of the seven orders of clergy of The Faith, the dominant religion believed in the Unified Realm. The Order is tasked with studying the Dark, the magical gifts that people appeared to develop throughout the realm. It's sigil is the snake and goblet. The Faith now has only six Orders, because the Dark is now considered wicked and related to deniers of the Faith. All records that the Seventh Order ever existed have been expunged. Only the Aspects of the Orders know that the Seventh Order ever existed.


The Seventh Order is now remembered only in rumours. The tale has it that one hundred years after the Faith and the Orders were established, a crisis arose. The Seventh Order began to grow in power, using its knowledge of the Dark to seek dominion over the Orders. They claimed their knowledge brought them closer to the Departed, and so gave them the right to lead. Such a thing could not be tolerated, so there was war between the Faithful and in time the Seventh was destroyed but not before much blood had been spilled. It is also rumoured that the Seventh Order still exists, waiting and plotting.

Blood Song[]

Vaelin continually encounters hints about the Seventh Order during his training and after - the temple where One Eye tortured Frentis, the final words of the assassins who tried to kill Aspect Elera Al Mendah. Finally, after tracking Nortah to The Fallen City, he finds the first real evidence that the Order still exists, when he meets Harlick the librarian who claims to be a current member of the Seventh Order.

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