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The Seordah Sil are one of the two original inhabitants of the land known as Unified Realm, the other being the Lonak. The Seordah are quite a mysterious and feared people who rarely venture from the shelter of their forest dominion of the Great Northern Forest, and shunned outsiders.

Culture and Religion[]

The Seordah respect the Dark, and speak openly about it and try to understand it. They do not fear those who possess it, but they know it can be misused. Little is known of their religion, but they have great respect for the mysterious stone plinths that scatter the northern continent including their forest dominion. These mysterious stone plinths are seemingly archaic artifacts left behind by a ancient culture, and allow them to have visions of Nersus Sil Nin a long dead blind prophetess.


Five hundred years ago, when King Varin led his people from somewhere oversea to the realm, he drove the Seordah into the Great Northern Forest, north of Nilsael, and the Lonak into the mountains.

Blood Song[]

Despite their insular nature, the Seordah have great respect for Tower Lord Vanos Al Myrna of the Northern Reaches, and they allied with him to defeat the barbarian Ice Horde from the far northern Pack Ice.

Tower Lord[]

When war breaks out in the Unified Realm with the Volarian invasion of the Realm, new Tower Lord Vaelin Al Sorna leads a gathered hoste from the Northern Reaches. They are allowed to pass through the Seordah dominion after Vaelin speaks to the blind prophetess. And, they join his hoste after the Nameless Wolf appears.

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