Religions of many different faiths exist in the setting of the Ravin's Shadown. Belief in high powers run deep through the cultures of the known world and influence most aspects of life.

Unified Realm Edit

In the Unified Realm nearly all children are raised praising The Faith, however there also exist other major and minor religions like belief in the World Father.

  • The Faith is the dominant religion of the realm. It is a godless religion, that believes that the spirits of the dead called The Departed have a continued existence, and possess the ability to influence the fortunes of the living. The Faith's dominance often gives rise to conflict and oppression of other religions.
  • The World Father is a major religion in Cumbrael. It seems to be a monotheistic religion based around a religious text called the ten books; the First Book teach the truth of the World Father’s love, the Fourth Book concerns the Darkbrade, the Fifth Book is the Book of Prophecy, the Tenth Book include the Prayer of Leaving for the dead. After the death of Hentes Mustor, an eleventh book the Book of the Trueblade is written telling the tale of the usurper’s life and martyrdom. King Janus tries to protect the Cumbaelin religion from the worst excesses of the Faith, in return for the fiefdoms loyalty.
  • The Sun and the Moon is a minor sect; Sella is a member of this belief.
  • Questers is a minor sect and the religion of the wife of the man Vaelin killed in the Test of the Sword.
  • Ascendants is a minor sect which Vaelin's father converted to.

Meldenean Islands Edit

The Meldeneans seem to have a polytheistic religion with a pantheon of sea gods. Orcas hold a special reverence for them, which they see as a sign from the Gods of a successful voyage ahead. It is said that when a Meldenean dies at sea the orcas will carry his spirit to the endless ocean beyond the edge of the world.

Alpiran Empire Edit

The Alpiran Empire also worship a polytheistic pantheon of Gods.

Volarian Empire Edit

The Volarians seem to have no religion, saying that they divested themselves of such superstitions centuries ago.

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