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The Northern Reaches are the region to the north of the Unified Realm. Although not part of the realm, it is garrisoned by the Tower Lord on behalf of the King.


The Northern Reaches are seperated from the realm by the Great Northern Forest and the northern mountains. The region is sparsely populared, cold and barren. Beyond the Northern Reaches are the unnamed and largely unexplored ice packs, and the periodically troublesome indigenous peoples. The main town is the busy port of North Tower.


Though sparsely populated, the region is home to many different people. The King frequently exiles from the Realm those that displease him to the Northern Reaches. There are also many people who flee the Realm due to religious persecution by the Faith, as well as those inflicted with the Dark. The Northern Reaches do not have the same rigid social structure of the Realm, where a man is born to his station, there he makes his own future. Most of the farming folk and many of the North Guard are darker-skinned exiles from the southern Alpiran Empire, who once angered the emperor. The region is also the home of the horse-tribes of the Eorhil Sil.

Tower Lord[]

The Tower Lord commands the North Tower in the Northern Reaches; although the Northern Reaches are not strictly within the Unified Realm, the region is fortified against the indigenous people in the far north. The garrison of three thousand men is called the North Guard.

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