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The Lonak are one of the two tribal societies that live to the north-east of the Unified Realm, the other being the Seordah Sil to the north-west.


The Lonak are a clan-based or tribal society, with clans generally identified with geographical areas, each with its own chieftains. However, all give fealty to the High Priestess whose authority is considered total; the words of the High Priestess were not to be questioned.


The Lonak dominion is the mountains north of Renfael. To the west lies the Great Northern Forest, the home of the Seordah Sil, and to the north are the Northern Reaches. The region is a range of formidable snow peaked mountains, interspersed with valleys and pine forested hillsides. Somewhere within is the Mountain, the home of the High Priestess. The easiest route from Renfael into the mountain dominion is called the Skellan Pass, and is heavily guarded by a Sixth Order garrison against Lonak raiding parties.

Culture and Religion[]

The Lonak are considered savages and wild men in the Unified Realm, who raid the farms and villages of Renfael. Lonak boy children become part of a war band from an early age. Each band has its own war banner depicting the clans history, and every member swears a blood oath to die defending it. They are polygamous, with the greatest warrior, male or female, having ten or more wives or husbands. The Lonak have a great respect historical stories which approaches religious fervour. They believe in the Dark but it is a power only for the High Priestess.


The Lonak and the Seordah Sil are the two original inhabitants of the land now occupied by the Unified Realm. Five hundred years ago, when King Varin led his people from somewhere oversea to the realm, he drove the Lonak into the mountains north of Renfael, and Seordah into the forests north of Nilsael.

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