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Dark Gifts, or simply the Dark, is the term used to refer to magic and sorcery in the Unified Realm. It is considered with scepticism by most eductated people who consider it fanciful nonsense and superstition. However, many commoners vehemently believe in it as the explanation for anything that happens that shouldn’t happen. People suspected of possessing Dark Gifts are regularly shunned or driven from villages around the realm. It is considered to be related to deniers of the Faith, and the Fourth Order hunt, imprison and kill them.

However, the Dark exists and is more potent than most people believe. And in fact, the Seventh Order of the Faith, the order of the Dark, still exists as guardians and practitioners of dangerous and arcane knowledge. The abilities vary greatly from person to person.

  • Sella, has the ability to touch a person and force them to her will.
  • Weaver, a man living in the community in the Fallen City, is able to heal bones, veins, muscles and organs with a touch.
  • Harlick, another man living in the community in the Fallen City, is able to perfectly memorize any number of books
  • One Eye, gains the ability to create the illusion of fire once he becomes a thrall of the One Who Waits.
  • Barkus and Master Jestin both have an affinity with metal.
  • Vaelin himself is gifted with the Blood Song - a sort of sixth sense.
  • Ahm-Lin is also gifted with the Blood Song.
  • Dahrena Al Myrna can fly out of her body to see areas around her.
  • The High Priestess of the Lonak can scry the future.
  • Kiral also has the gift of the Blood Song.
  • Cara from Sella's community can call the rain.
  • Lorkan from Sella's community has the ability to become invisible.
  • Marken also from Sella's community can see what a dead person did before he died.
  • Fermin, who Lyrna meets on the Volarian slave ship, has the ability to control animals.
  • Master Grealin can generate blasts of force using his gift.
  • Elverah is gifted with the Dark ability to create fire.
  • Revek is gifted with the Dark ability to create fire.
  • Nersus Sil Nin is gifted to see and communicate with a future person which is touched the grey granite possessed by her memory.

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