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The Faith is the dominant religion of the Unified Realm. It is a godless religion, that believes that the spirits of the dead called The Departed have a continued existence, and possess the ability to influence the fortunes of the living. The Faith's dominance often gives rise to conflict and oppression of other religions.

The Faith now has six Orders, although there are rumours of a mysterious and supposedly defunct Seventh Order of the Faith. Members of Orders refer to each other as brother or sister, and often join as children. Afterward, they are considered to have given up their connection to their families.

"The Faith is the sum of our history and our spirit."

Belief System[]

The Faith is a belief in the veneration of the dead, including one's ancestors, that are called The Departed. The Departed are seen as being able to intercede on behalf of the living, often as messengers. It is a way to respect and honour ancestors in their afterlives as well as seek their continued guidance.

“‘When we pass into the Beyond our essence joins with the souls of the Departed to lend us their guidance in this life. In return we give them honor and faith"

The Brothers and Sisters of The Faith learn call and response phrases, which provide insight into the belief system and its origin:

What is hope?

Hope is the heart of the faith. Abandonment of hope is a denial of the Faith.

What is death?

Death is but a gateway to the Beyond and union with the Departed. It is both ending and beginning. Fear it and welcome it.

What is the body?

The body is a shell, the cradle of the soul.

What is the body without the soul?

Corrupted flesh and nothing more. Mark the passing of loved ones by giving their shell to the fire.

Church and State[]

Although the Faith is the dominant religion in the Unified Realm, the Faith explicitly tries to maintain a distance between the church and the monarch of state. The religion aims to defend and improve the lives of the people of the realm and the Faith, rather than be at the beck and call of the Crown.

The Orders[]

The Orders of The Faith each deal with a specific area of expertise taught in the name of The Faith.

  • The First Order is the Order of the Heart. The First and Second Orders are tasked with communing with the Departed. Its sigil is a flame.
  • The Second Order is the Order of the Spirit or the order of contemplation and enlightenment. The First and Second Orders are tasked with communing with the Departed, as well as acting as missionaries to spread the Faith. Its sigil is the Sun.
  • The Third Order is the Order of the Mind. They act as the map-makers, scribes and librarians of the Faith. Its sigil is a book and a quill.
  • The Fourth Order is the Order of Direction. They vehemently suppress other religions, including deniers of The Faith, and followers of other religions, including people touched by The Dark. Its sigil is an Eye.
  • The Fifth Order is the Order of the Body. They are the healers of the Faith. Its sigil is an open hand.
  • The Sixth Order is the Order of Defence. They are warrior monks who safeguard the faithful. Its sigil is a blind warrior.
  • The Seventh Order is the Order of the Dark. The Faith now has only six Orders, because the Dark is now considered wicked and related to deniers of the Faith. All records that the Seventh Order ever existed have been expunged. Its sigil is the snake and goblet.


The head of each Order is called the Aspect, and is the person who best embodies the values of his or her Order.

  • Aspect of the First Order: Silla Colvis
  • Aspect of the Second Order: Liesa Ilien
  • Aspect of the Third Order: Dendrish Hendrahl
  • Aspect of the Fourth Order: Tendris Al Forne
  • Aspect of the Fifth Order: Elera Al Mendah
  • Aspect of the Sixth Order: Gainyl Arlyn
  • Aspect of the Seventh Order: Unknown

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