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Cumbrael is the fiefdom of the Unified Realm to the west of Asrael. The Cumbraelins are famed for two things: their wine which is considered some of the best in the Circle of the World, and their longbowmen who can propel an arrow over three hundred paces, and pierce plate armour at close range.

Cumbrael was once part of the kingdom founded five hundred years ago by King Varin, who led his people from somewhere oversea, and drove the Seordah Sil into the Martishe Forest and the Lonak into the mountains. About one hundred years after it's founding, a great war occured. The rumours say it was the war between the Faithful, that destroyed the Seventh Order. The chaos caused by this war brought the fracturing of the realm into the four kingdoms. Cumbrael was an independent kingdom, until King Janus conquered the neighbouring kingdoms including Cumbrael into the Unified Realm.

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