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Asrael is the founding nation of the Unified Realm. The nation of Asrael itself was founded five hundred years ago by King Varin, who led his people from somewhere oversea to Asrael, and drove the Seordah into the forests and the Lonak into the mountains. King Varin is still commemorated in the name of the capital, Varinshold.

There have been five ruling families of Asrael since King Valin, but none have held the realm for more than a generation. The current King, Janus Al Nieren, is a brilliant and ruthless warrior King. He fought six great battles to conquer the neighbouring kingdoms of Cumbrael, Nilsael and Renfael into the Unified Realm. Now King Janus is old. He desperately schemes to pass on a stable and economically secure realm. He also wants his son to succeed him, but fears he will need support if he is to succeed him.

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