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The Alpiran Empire is a large nation to the south of the Unified Realm across the Erinean Sea.

Government, Geography, Culture and Religion[]

It is ruled by an Emperor, with absolute and unrestricted power over his people. However, it is not a hereditary monarchy, the emperor chooses his successor from amongst his subjects; the heir is referred to as The Hope.

The realm is said to stretches for thousands of miles, from deserts of the north to frozen mountains of the south, with more people than there are stars in the sky.

The people of the empire are expected to obey the Emperors orders without question, to the point of taking their own life in dishonour if they fail to do so. Similar to the Unified Realm, they are sceptical about the existance of the Dark, which they refer to simply as magic.

The Alpirans seem to worship a polytheistic pantheon of Gods.


Periodic border wars have occured between the Alpirans and the neighbouring Volarians.

Blood Song[]

Raven s shadow book 1 main map by drawman39-alpiran empire.jpg

King Janus of the Unified Realm invades the Alpiran Empire in order to annex the rich ports on the northern coast. The ensuing war ends in a victory for the Alpirans, although early in the conflict the Hope is killed. Vaelin Al Sorna, the man responsible for killing The Hope, is taken captive at the end of the war.

Years later, Lady Emeren, the former wife of The Hope, conspires to get taken hostage by the Meldeneans and then to be exchange for Vaelin. The Lady wanted vengeance and was enraged that the Emperor refused to execute the Hope Killer, while the Meldeneans desired retribution for his fathers burning of their capital. However, Vaelin defeats the Meldenean champion in a dual to the death, and in the end is allowed to go free.

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