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Carval Nurin

Ship-Lord (later)


Meldenean Islands


Blood Song
Tower Lord

Carval Nurin is a Meldenean ship captain.

Appearance and Personality[]

Nurin is compact and wiry with lean features. His ship is said to be the fastest vessel to sail from the port of Linesh, and he has no reputation for piracy or dishonesty, unusual for a captain from the Meldenean Islands.


Nurin was in the Meldenean capital, when Vaelin's father, Battle Lord Kralyk Al Sorna, burned the city, killing his mother and sister. His hand is still mottled and discoloured from being burnt in the flames.

Blood Song[]

When Vaelin Al Sorna's regiment take over Linesh, as part of the Unified Realm's war to annex the northern Alpiran ports, the governors daughter is struck down with the Red Hand plague. Nurin is chosen from all the ship captains to sail to the Realm and return with Sister Sherin and her cure. Nurin tries to refuse because he knows Vaelin's father is the City Burner, but offers him a large bluestone gem and Nurin greedily accepts. Nurin completes the journey in just twenty-one days.

Five years later, Nurin meets Vaelin again when he comes to the Meldenean Islands to fight the duel with the The Shield. In the interim, Nurin has spent the money from the gem to buy a lot of ships, and become one of the governing ship-lords of the Islands. After Vaelin wins the duel, he is allowed to go free.

Tower Lord[]

When the Volarians invade the Unified Realm, Nurin and the other Ship Lords sends ships out to intercept Volarian intelligence. One of the ship returns with information from a spy that the Volarians intend to also invade the Meldenean Islands. The message was decoded by a woman from the Realm with a burnt face, who is curiously good at keschet / chess. Ship Lord Nurin quickly deduces that the woman is none other than Queen Lyrna of the Unified Realm. With the Isles under threat, the Ship Lords have need of their greating captain, the Shield, who has isolated himself since losing the duel to Vaelin. Nurin offers to return Lyrna to the Realm in return for convincing the Shield to return.

Lyrna succeeds in her task, and under the command of the Shield the Meldenean fleet crush the Volarian fleet. Lyrna asks the Meldeneans to take her to Alltor which is the last major city in the Unified Realm to withstand the Volarians. The Meldeneans arrive at Alltor just as Vaelin Al Sorna and his assembled army have routed the Volarian host that is laying siege to the city. Nurin and the rest of the Meldeneans take the opportunity to mop up the Volarian ships in outside the city.