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Black Arrow

Bren Antesh

Member of

Deniers of The Martishe Forest




Blood Song

Black Arrow is the leader of a militant group of believers in the monotheisticWorld Father religion common in Cumbrael.


Blood Song[]

Oppressed by the Faith, the dominant religion in the Unified Realm, he leads his followers into the Martishe Forest. On the urging of Aspect Tendris Al Forne of the Fourth Order, King Janus sends a force led by Sword of the Realm Linden Al Hestian on campaign to root out the well armed deniers. He sends a group of brothers of the Sixth Order to assist him, under Brother Makril including newly graduated Vaelin.

Lord Linden is eventually successful in destroying a large encampment of deniers, although he is killed with an arrow in the process. Vaelin himself kills the bowman who killed him. The bowman is older the most of the other deniers and carries some suspicious letters, and Vaelin suspects that he is Black Arrow. These letters would subsequently trigger a war in Cumbrael; it is later revealed the letters were given by Fief Lord Mustor to his son Hentes who then gave them to the fanatics in the Martishe.

However, it is later revealed that the bowman wasn't in fact Black Arrow. The real Black Arrow survived the campaign in the Martishe, and eventually commanded the Cumbraelin longbow regiment in the war with the Alpiran Empire. His real name was Bren Antesh.