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Artis Al Sendahl
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Artis Al Sendahl was the First Minister of King Janus Al Nieren and the father of Nortah.


The family is wealthy and own land and many fine houses in Asrael near Lake Rhil. He and Battle Lord Kralyk Al Sorna, Vaelin’s father, were rivals; when Vaelin was sent to the Sixth Order, Nortah was also sent, to better his own position at court.

Blood Song[]

Artis is executed by the Kings Order during the Summer Tide Fair, for for treason and corruption. His son Nortah tried to save him during the hanging, but was stopped by soldiers of the Twenty-Seventh Cavalry, also known as the Black Hawks. Vaelin Al Sorna comes to the aid of Nortah, in the ensuing stuggle. Vaelin knocks Nortah unconscious in order to take him back to the order house. Prince Malcius Al Nieren witnesses all this and allows Vaelin and Nortah to leave unharmed. His wife and daughter were exiled to the Northern Reaches.

It is later revealed that Artis Al Sendahl did not steal money from the King, but stole power. He attempted to have Vaelin Al Sorna assassinated, due to a prophecy the Seventh Order had foreseen.