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Tower Lord (book)

Arendil Banders is the illegitimate son of Darnel, son and heir of Fief-Lord Theros, and Ulice Banders, the illegitimate daughter of Baron Hughlin Banders. He was raised by his mother and grandfather.

Baron Banders sought to marry Ulice's mother, though he was refused by King Janus and later by Lord Theros. Ulice has lived with him since her birth, as has Arendil. Though he originally wished to legitimize his daughter and grandson, the baron changed his mind after Lord Theros died. If Arendil were Lord Banders's legal heir, it would give House Banders a claim on the Fief Lord's title and trigger a civil war. Darnel, on the other hand, wants custody of his son, so that he may raise him as his heir and shape his character, or kill Arendil off if his claim to becomes inconvenient.

To protect him from his father and avoid hostilities, Princess Lyrna makes Arendil her ward and takes him to Varinshold. When the Volarian Army attacks Varinshold the same day the princess arrives, Davoka protects the youth from the invaders. Frentis finds them while searching for the princess and guides them to safety through the sewers.

Arendil eventually becomes friends with Illian Al Jervin, a noble girl Frentis, Davoka, Ratter, and Draker rescue from Volarian slavers. The two work hard to become active participants in the army Frentis gathers, though he and Davoka work together to keep "the children" as safe as possible.