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Alucius Al Hestian

Unified Realm


Lakrhil Al Hestian (father)
Linden (brother)


Blood Song

Alucius Al Hestian is the younger son of ambitious Sword of the Realm Lakrhil Al Hestian, and the brother of Linden.

Appearance and Personality[]

Alucius is a thin boy of fifteen years or so, with delicate, almost feminine features. He has a mane of black curly hair that cascaded over his shoulders. Alucius is supposedly a promising poets.


Blood Song[]

After his brother Linden dies on campaign in the Martishe, Vaelin Al Sorna visits him to give him his late brother's sword. Alucius vows vengence on the Cumbraelins, although Vaelin insists that his brother's last wish was that he leave the sword sheathed.

Despite this, Alucius accompanies Vaelin's regiment on campaign against the Cumbraelin revolt. Vaelin tries again to dissuade Alucius from the soldier's life by offering to train him, but really just beating and humiliating him on the practice field. However, Vaelin eventually agrees to train him properly. When Vaelin's regiment attacks the High Keep, Alucius is at the forefront of the charge through the gate. Alucius tumbles from his horse in the crush, and is later found unconscious. In the end, Alucius recovers and ponders on all of the blood spilt over a couple of letters; the letters given by Fief Lord Mustor to his son Hentes who then gave them to the fanatics in the Martishe.

However, Alucius returns to war in the Alpiran Empire, with his father Battle Lord Lakrhil Al Hestian as the chronicler of his glorious campaign. He escapes the fall of Marbellis with his father, in a party that fought its way to the docks.

Tower Lord[]

Alucius is now a poet living in Varinshold, and a bit of a drunk. He has befriended Vaelin's sister, Alornis Al Sorna.