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Alornis Al Sorna

Unified Realm


Kralyk Al Sorna (father)
Unknown (mother)
Vaelin (half brother)


Blood Song

Alornis Al Sorna is the illegitimate daughter of Kralyk Al Sorna, and half sister to Vaelin.

Appearnace and Personality[]

Alornis was very bright as a little girl, and grows into a comely young woman. She is a skilled artist, and has been taken on as an unpaid apprentice by Master Benril Lenial.


Alornis's father Kralyk was married to a former sister of the Fifth Order called Ildera Vardrian. Although they loved each other greatly, she hated war, and this brought trouble to their marriege. She turned away from him, and he began spending more time away from home; he met another woman who give him an illegitimate daughter, Alornis.

Blood Song[]

Alornis and her half brother Vaelin meet by coincidence one day, while she is picking flowers and he is thrown from his horse. She expresses regret that he chose not to leave the Sixth Order and come to live with them.

Tower Lord[]

Six months before the start of the story, her mother had died of an illness, with her father having already died three years earlier. Alornis is now alone in her fathers house, living in poverty after her fathers assets have been claimed by the crown; Alornis is illegitimate therefore cannot inherit.

When Vaelin is released from five years imprisonment in the Alpiran Empire, he returns to Varinshold and visits her with his travel partner Reva. Vaelin is shocked by her destitute state. Alornis and Reva become quite close while they stay in their father's house. After Vaelin is appointed the Tower Lord of the Northern Reaches, he insists that Alornis comes with him; she would not be safe in Varinshold, the ardent faction would try and use her. It takes Vaelin and Alornis over four weeks to travel through Nilsael to Frostport, and then by ship to the North Tower. During the journey, Vaelin tells her everything about his life, including the Blood Song.

When war breaks out with the Volarian invasion of the Realm, Alornis travels with Vaelin and his assembled army as they south to war.